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Premium statistics Industry-specific and extensively researched technical data partially from exclusive partnerships. Saudi Arabia declares online satire punishable offence france This Fall celebrate the beautiful season with all the spectacular, crisp colors and delicious tastes like cookie arrangments , gift basket etc,

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Sep 28,  · Saudi Arabia is apparently shopping for sex slaves - and that too from ISIS terrorists, according to a report in the Sun Online. In the cellphone of a jihadi recently killed in the fighting at Iraqi town Al-Shirqat, Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Units membe.
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Flower delivery in Saudi Arabia is available in the following cities: Abha, Al-Khobar, Buraidah, Dammam, Jeddah, Khamis Mushait, Mecca, Medina, Riyadh, Tabuk Saudi Arabia is the largest state in Western Asia and the world’s second largest oil exporter.

Businesswomen should be very modestly dressed both in public and indoors. While Western businesswomen are generally accepted into the culture, there is a great deal more mistrust than in business dealings with men. While a majority of countries in the Middle East practice strict internet censorship, Saudi Arabia is perhaps the most proficient in this task. The kingdom uses a filtering system to sort and censor material in two categories: Saudi citizens actively report immoral websites, such as pornography, slurs against the royal family, and gambling.

A security committee blocks websites that reflect jihadi or radical ideas. Heated discussions of country politics and debated social norms are also highly censored. This high rate of censorship, however, should not be a deterrent to those who wish to start up an E-commerce business in Saudi Arabia.

Censorship in Saudi Arabia is primarily an attempt by the government to promote societal values and protect citizens from radical ideas. As long as your website does not offend common social values e. Imports and country growth in Saudi Arabia have been rapidly declining after an all-time high in , when , million SAR Saudi riyals worth of imports were received into the country.

From the fourth quarter of to the first quarter of , imports decreased by approximately 19, million SAR. Imports amounted to approximately billion USD in , which reflected a 2. On this list of imports, the most rapidly growing Saudi markets were for precious metals, vehicles, and pharmaceuticals. While GDP growth has also been declining in recent years likely due to lower oil prices across the world , it has not done so at nearly so sharp a rate as imports and country growth.

Here, we have created a table with WorldBank data describing the past and projected percentages of real GDP growth in Saudi Arabia, compared to the world and the Middle East. This graph demonstrates a sharp decline in Saudi Arabian GDP growth from to with a slow recovery in later years. Please note that this graph shows that the rate at which GDP will increase has declined, not that the GDP itself has done so. Although growth rates are declining now, they are well projected to pick up in the future and the country maintains a robust economy.

Approximately 20,, Saudis use the Internet — which is about a This rate has rapidly grown from just 2. The quick spread of Internet in the past 16 years has been hugely influential for the country — 7. Following is a list of the most visited websites in Saudi Arabia in October The majority of this list is typical for any country, with Google and various social media pages dominating the list of most visited websites.

However, it is also an exciting list for those wishing to invest in E-commerce in Saudi Arabia. Two of the top ten websites — haraj. The presence of these two sites on this list suggests large-scale confidence in online transactions and that Saudis are ready and able to engage in online markets. Following is a list of the most popular online markets in Saudi Arabia in October These websites are generally E-commerce sites directed towards a broad Middle Eastern audience.

This ranking has dropped sharply in recent years, as well as its ranking in ease of starting a business. This information suggests a lack of simple or fast procedures for registering businesses. It takes an average of 19 days and 12 procedures to start a business in Saudi Arabia. This difficulty in opening e-commerce start-ups in Saudi Arabia is largely due to a lack of regulations and business frameworks in the kingdom. This lack makes it difficult to locate reliable shipping services, ascertain that a website is in accordance with Saudi law, or pay customs.

Though the public has a great interest in e-commerce entrepreneurship and opportunity, it is hard to begin without knowledge support from others. A recent study on media and Internet use in various countries in the Middle East by Northwestern University in Qatar demonstrated that while E-commerce in Saudi Arabia was growing slowly, it showed great promise for future market expansion. While these seem to be low numbers, they demonstrate that Saudi Arabia clearly outperforms other countries in the Middle East in terms of building trust in online markets.

The continuing growth and success of the Saudi E-commerce market over other Middle Eastern markets is largely attributed to greater amounts of trust in online payment systems. Saudis report low amounts of fear in using credit cards, and have access to a wide variety of payment gateways PayPal, CashU, etc. These statistics all indicate that Saudi Arabia has both the foundations necessary for successful E-commerce and the promise of a budding market.

In a study conducted by Mastercard , Saudi survey respondents indicated what they would like to see in the future that would further motivate them to do their shopping on the Internet and explained when and why they made decisions to shop online or in stores.

Consumers cited 3 major concerns when deciding whether or not to purchase online: If the website had been recommended by other Saudis or was known to be legitimate and if it used a financial platform such as Paypal or CashU that was familiar to Saudis, citizens were more likely to buy. The most commonly bought items were airlines, travel expenses, grocery and home products, electronics, and clothing. However, a major deterrent to E-commerce growth in Saudi Arabia has been reliance on an unreliable and costly payment method.

Many Saudis prefer — due to mistrust in payment platforms — cash delivery methods through which they order goods online and pay at their doors.

I like the t-shirt with the shemagh printed on it. Nice design - but purely for Western tourists I suppose. Would any Saudi woman wear it at home? Hi Nathalie - Saudi women are very stylish. Last year I was at a Saudi girls' high school and saw one girl wearing a pencil skirt made out of the red and white checked scarf that men wear. I could see women wearing the t-shirt you asked about, whether they are Saudi or Western.

Where can i get good souvenirs? Hi Yeshi - The bags were purchased at Petromin Souk which is way far south - here's a map link: The cards are available at Al Raya Markets at the little shops just outside the bigger supermarket.

I like the teapots. One might find Aladdin's lamp amongst them. Is the woman the pepper shaker? Hi djdfr - I would guess that most people would use the man for the salt since he is dressed in white, and the woman for pepper, since she is in black.

Thanks, Susanne - I wish it were easier to find souvenirs here. I am always on the lookout for stuff and there is no telling where I might find it. Hi Anonymous - Me too - they are among my faves! Useful, inexpensive and fun! An enterprising person could find a market for more souvenirs. Maybe a blank page diary with beautiful calligraphy on the outside covers?

An egg timer with Saudi sand inside? Charms for a traveler's bracelet? Tea towels with well known buildings? You get my drift Hi Oakland - If I had the money, I would start a souvenir business here. There is definitely a market for it.

I would like to have 4 decks if possible. Hy Susie, I love the playing cards and I think they would be a great souvenir to bring back home: I have no idea where to get them Hi Anon - I am trying to find out where my nephew got the cards. He had a deck and when I saw them, I asked him to get me some for gifts, so he did. Yes, I buy them from vendors at the monthly British Women's Group meetings.

I bought them from a vendor at a monthly meeting I go to. I believe I do have their business card at home in Jeddah, but I am in the states now. Hi Susie, your post made me smile because like you when I first arrived in Saudi 5 years ago I was desperate to find local gifts to take home.

I found the choice very limited and it prompted me to start my own Saudi gifts business www. We work with a number of organisations, handicrafts centres, charities in Saudi and beyond, as well as individual artists, designers and artisans. I'd love your feedback on our website and whether you'd recommend any new items. Hi Florence - Good for you! Your website is lovely and the items are beautiful. And you have my good friend Blue Abaya's phone covers too. Wishing you all the best with your business.

They have great Saudi themed stuff but I don't know if they still have what I have pictured in this post. Hi, where do you buy the clay houses??? Any particular place in Dammam you would recommend? Kalimah Store is located on the lower level of the Red Sea Mall. The purses with Arabic calligraphy were purchased at the Petromin Souk, to the far south of Jeddah. I have seen similar ones at other places too, but the prices at Petromin Souk can't be beat.

As an Overseas Filipino Worker for years now, your experience in Saudi is just like mine. I love Saudi and most of all i like the people too. Hi Jonathan - Thanks so much for your comment. I'm glad you have had a good experience here as well. I love reading your blogs and it helps me a lot in discovering places where my child can enjoy. Regarding ref magnets where i can buy in jeddah?

Hi Susie, Do you also bring dates to the States? Are there any restriction bringing dried fruits like dates? I am looking forward to your response. Hi Mae - Yes, as long as the dates are in their original packaging and sealed, it should not be a problem. Friday, April 25, Souvenirs from Saudi Arabia. Every time I travel back to the states from Saudi Arabia, I try to take souvenirs with me to give to family and friends.

I have taken dozens of "niqabs" face veils for my girlfriends, the red and white checked scarves that Saudi men wear here called "shemagh," prayer beads, and a variety of colorful prayer rugs. I've also purchased oud strongly scented oils used as perfumes and these little scented cubes that are nice to put in bathrooms or in drawers. Surprisingly I was able to find Christmas ornaments last year that were painted carved wooden camels. It's not that easy to find souvenirs here in Saudi Arabia like it is in other places around the world that cater to tourists.

And that could be because Saudi Arabia only really allows religious tourism. I like to try to find items that have Arabic writing on them or images that are typically Arab, but like I said, it's not that easy. Even finding T-shirts related to Saudi Arabia is difficult. I also like to try to find things that are useful and not just dust collectors, and since I am always on a budget, I try to find reasonably priced items as well.

Here are some of the souvenirs that I have found here in Saudi Arabia More expensive than most gifts that I usually purchase, this beautiful decoupaged wooden keepsake box with a map of Saudi Arabia on it was filled with a variety of high end dates. Miniature Yemeni homes made of clay. Playing cards with the Kings and Jacks wearing Middle Eastern headgear, and the Queens wearing face veils. Keychains Gold coin face veils generally worn by brides or for special occasions.

Starbucks coffee mugs Purses with Arabic calligraphy - I asked my husband if it said anything in particular, to which he jokingly replied, "It says that whoever buys this purse is an idiot. Posted by Susie of Arabia at 2: Jill Apr 25, , 3: Susie of Arabia Apr 25, , Unknown Mar 23, , Susie of Arabia Mar 23, , 2: Kezia Jun 28, , 1: Gaelyn Apr 25, , 5: Butterfly Jun 2, , 6: Susie of Arabia Aug 14, ,

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