Light blue summer suit – casual with striped shirt

Brighten up a summer wardrobe with a Light Blue Dress. Find a Women's Light Blue Dress, Juniors Light Blue Dress, and more at Macy's.

Be prepared for work, after-hours, the great outdoors and everywhere in between. Distinguished by its signature striped, crinkled surface and strategic puckering as well as its funny name , seersucker is a unique cotton fabric that offers the modern man yet another means of wearing a business-appropriate ensemble in the summer without having to compromise on style. Linen is a classic material for summer and it is one of the most popular fabrics for summer suits due to its lightweight, breathable weave. I already stepped it up to 10 with the Spanish Blue suit.

But summer is starting and this, friends, is the summer of blue, or more accurately, the summer of the new blues. Blue is the dominant color of the planet. So why, when it comes to suits, are most men only wearing one shade of it, religiously, monotonously, mind-numbingly?
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These are the 10 best summer suits for men. 10 Lightweight Suits to Keep You Cool This Summer. Jetsetter Cotton Suit. A brighter blue for brighter days. Wear this one to the office or an.
A light blue suit is a great option for occasions where you need to be dressed-up but casual. And it is especially a good color for your casual summer suit.
The light blue suit is the most casual of all blue suit types. While navy tones appear traditional and formal, soft tones project a fresh, casual, and contemporary feeling. This feeling makes them perfect for semi-formal and cocktail occasions.
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What to Look for in a Summer Suit

Baby blue goes best with linen and a blue & white seersucker is a classic look for summer. Khaki A go-to color for summer and spring, the khaki suit is perfect for any daytime event.

The trousers feature a bit lower rise than most of my suit trousers, belt loops and 18cm leg opening with 5cm cuffs. So even though it is appropriate for casual office days, it is not really a suit for formal business meetings. To put it shortly, light blue suit is at its best during warmer seasons.

You can also notice that by the fact that most light blue suits or jackets you find are made of summer fabrics such as linen or cotton. There might be some light blue herringbone tweed fabrics which would make a nice sport coat for example but in general I would recommend to go for lighter fabrics with this color.

This particular suit is made of wool-silk-linen mixture fabric. Definitely one of my favorite materials for summer as I have mentioned earlier. One thing to keep in mind regarding light blue sport coats and light blue suits is that try and see whether or not the color compliments your own skin color.

In my opinion light blue jackets as well as trousers do not really look good if your skin and hair are very pale. Or if you do, try to add some contrast. For example change the white or light colored shirt for something darker, such as dark blue popover shirt. Another option is to get tanned. As you might know as I have mentioned it earlier, I favor plain colored shirts without patterns. Most of my shirts are plain white. Then I have some light blue shirts and a fair selection of denim blue button-up shirts.

Especially for work and business related occasions I consider the classic white or light blue to be the best choice in most cases. But sometimes I like to play with simple patterns. That is also an easy way to dress down your outfit a little bit. For that kind of use stripes are a good choice. I would say that the thinner the stripe — the more business oriented the shirt. And therefore they are more appropriate for business related occasions in my opinion.

I also think that the shirts with thinner stripes are easier to pair with different kind ties and suit jackets. For example I would personally avoid combinations where you have a patterned jacket, with striped shirt and patterned tie. No more than two patterns within these three pieces. And these are also appropriate for business purposes, if you just combine them in a right way.

But in my opinion these stripes are at their best when you wear them for more casual occasions. Rock this funky joint harder than a Poor Righteous Teacher. A bright, brilliant blue can be a smart way to change things up at the office, but wear it responsibly.

A good alternative blue is like a good relief pitcher. Bonus points if you tie it all together with some Bombay Sapphire at the aforementioned bar. Which blue is working for you this summer? Leave a comment below! The scene where Martin asked him if he was a model or a Cop lol.

Anyways after watching that scene, i wonder if BL can copy those inner lining colors. Midnight Navy is a good look in our book. We gave it a pinstripe. Its color is subdued but its pinstripe is a power move. I already stepped it up to 10 with the Spanish Blue suit. I really love it and have gotten lots of compliments on it. Still, no matter what your field, stay true to yourself. Royal Blue looks interesting. One, the swagger meter in this post is relative.

Yes, Justin, your natural swagger is the best source! You can definitely turn up the swagger on all of these suits with shirts, ties and accessories that really pop. One other thing about the swagger levels, these suits were ranked relative to each other. None of them go overboard on the swagger. The Light Charcoal Blue suits have been getting lots of love and selling out quickly. Knowing me and my personality it would have to be the Spanish Blue.

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Shop for men's summer weight suits including seersucker & linen online at wilmergolding6jn1.gq Browse the latest Suits styles for men from Jos. A Bank. FREE shipping on orders over $ A light blue suit is a great option for occasions where you need to be dressed-up but casual. And it is especially a good color for your casual summer suit. Team with extra blue like a crisp light blue shirt, and finish off with light brown shoes. Pale Grey – Grey may not be something new for you when it comes to suits, but opt for a couple shades lighter to get the summer .