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So, it’s very important to team up your black suit jacket with an ideal coloured pants to get the perfect look. These are some colours that I would recommend to try on with a black suit jacket: o Grey: This is quite an easy choice and a safe option.

Will they look good next to each other? This will depend on the dress code in your office. Black is also the most limiting color you can wear. Any advice is appreciated!

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Discover what color tie goes with a black suit. Find the perfect tie for your suit with help from The Tie Bar.
Discover what color tie goes with a black suit. Find the perfect tie for your suit with help from The Tie Bar.
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Which Suits Make Good Suit Separates?

So, it’s very important to team up your black suit jacket with an ideal coloured pants to get the perfect look. These are some colours that I would recommend to try on with a black suit jacket: o Grey: This is quite an easy choice and a safe option.

Suggestions for a sartorial misfit? We suggest you go with a different jacket. The color of the jacket is the other reason we suggest a different jacket. Black, especially for an informal dinner, is too serious. Also, only guys with pretty unique coloring hair color and skin tone look great in black jackets. Most men wearing black would look 10 times better in dark gray. We recommend you try a gray or…gasp…a colored blazer. Hey, i have black bit shiny blazer, what colour of trousers should I wear, i am thinking of White shirt with orange tie..

Please suggest the colour of trouser!! The white shirt is fine, that can stay. Black is a tough suit color to pull off, so stay away from adding any bright colors to your outfit. For your bottom half, a pair of light gray pants would go well with your blazer and white shirt. For a more cohesive look, just stick with black suit pants.

I have a scholarship interview for grad school coming up this month. What should I do for shirt and tie color? I had tried a light blue shirt and a red tie. If the clothes match you, they will naturally go together. As for picking a tie, follow our simple rule of thumb: Try a blue tie.

All of this is what we call dressing from the inside out. For more on this check out our article on choosing your clothes from the inside out. Would it be appropriate to wear a charcoal jacket and royal blue trousers? If you are going to wear a jacket and pants charcoal gray and royal blue can work. We explain how in our stories on dressing from the inside out and picking shirt colors that match you.

I am going to wear a navy suit and tie no waistcoat and I was hoping to have the groomsmen in same shirt and pants with a waistcoat no jacket. We may not be able to get the exact same waistcoats as my suit so were thinking of having a different colour waist coat, maybe a light grey. Any suggestion on colours for the waist coats?

PS The bridesmaids dresses are coral. This sounds like task for our brilliant weddings team. Get more info from them by submitting your inquiry here!

I have a medium grey jacket without matching pants. From more than a few feet you cannot see any pattern, but close up there are some black dots speckled in. Do you think it would be OK to pair this jacket with charcoal pants that have a same color pinstripe like tonal texture in them?

The texturing is very subtle and the pants look fine without a jacket. This would be to be slightly dressier in a business casual setting, more or less adding a jacket to shirt and pants I already own. To see an example of a dark gray and medium gray color combination with a jacket and pants look at how we styled the Black Lapel Charcoal Gray Custom Blazer.

As you can see, this kind of thing can come off really nicely. So why the asterisk in our answer? Because how well the clothes match each other is almost irrelevant.

How well your clothes match you is the most important part of any outfit. Does a light gray jacket match your hair color, your skin tone, and your distinguishing features? These are the key questions to answer. Check out our piece on choosing clothes that match you to learn why these factors are important and how to dress from the inside out, starting with how you look.

I have a nice textured medium grey suit at home and wanted to break it up a bit for a wedding coming up with a bit of navy. Would it be out of place to wear the grey suit with a navy vest and navy tie? You mean like this? As you can see, we approve. I am going to a Gatsby NYE party.

I bought a tan suit similar to: I also bought a brown tweed vest to make it a 3 piece: Do you think this would make a good combo? If so, What would you suggest to complete the outfit? Yep, this is a totally classic Gatsby look. Head here and see Look 2 for all the products we recommend to complete your outfit. Pinstripes are a thing on their own, as this article states, and should never be broken up into separates. When we wanted to show a Deep Burgundy Blazer in the best light we did so with navy blue pants, but, as you can see in this outfit using burgundy pants , burgundy goes well with gray too.

Tan is a neutral, and will work fine, but we prefer navy or gray. Since khaki pants and brown shoes are neutral they go with almost every color. I have a dark charcoal grey suit and I would like to wear the jacket with different color pants. What color would you recommend? As for this particular outfit, charcoal gray is neutral so you can wear it with just about anything.

The only color of pants we recommend avoiding are ones that are too similar. Black or dark gray pants will make for a muddled combination. Create a bit of contrast either in shade or color. Okay, so if you were wondering what is the one color you should wear, you might be disappointed with the above answer.

How do you get to there? Start by checking out our articles on dressing from the inside out and picking shirt colors that match you. I had the blazer and pants tailored black with pinstripes but the vest is charcoal gray..

Is that completely wrong? We are big proponents of wearing a three-piece suit the modern way , so we can get behind this outfit. The only problems we could foresee are with the colors.

Black is unforgiving on guys with lighter than black hair and light skin, so be careful not to overdo it on the dark colors. Also, the contrast between a black suit and a charcoal vest is too weak and will likely look a little muddled.

I have an Edwardian swallowtail jacket that I want to wear to an event. It is charcoal grey. I do not have matching pants. Can I pair it with black and white pinstripe pants? Is the event in question your coronation? If so, holla at your boys. If not, a morning coat may be a bit over the top. This look is very formal and rare. Note that these are not just a pair of pants he borrowed from a pinstripe suit, but a pair of trousers cut specifically with morning dress in mind.

I have a black tuxedo jacket but I want to wear different colored trousers with it, what would you suggest? However, you can keep the jacket black and go with non-matching pants. We suggest a medium or light gray. Take a look at our black tie look for creative types in this article to see how it looks and get some inspiration.

I just want to us about black suit. If so, we do not recommend it. A big part of the appeal of the pinstripe suit is the unbroken lines it creates. When you wear two different pinstripes you ruin that affect. My girlfriend wants towear a grey suit with a black pant. It tooks good to me. Will they both go together?? She is planning to wear this combo in a presentation. Yep, those two colors go together nicely and are professional. Pass on our good luck for her presentation! I have a charcoal suit with a very subtle cashmere stripe.

The jacket is double breasted by the way. I break them up with jeans and black chinos on casual days. If your suit is technically a pinstripe, we never recommend breaking it up into separates. Cutting the pinstripes off at your torso could make you look disproportional. We may even be in slight favor of the jeans, because double-breasted jackets look bad ass with jeans.

Thank you for the tip. Suits are a rare sight around this part of the country even though our school requires us corporate world majors to wear suits every wednesday. My jeans are on the lighter side of the spectrum. So, what do you think? Proceed with caution, Gilbert. The lighter jeans get the more casual they get. When pairing with a blazer, keep the denim dark. Of course you can. We even showed you how to put this look together in our article titled How to Wear a Vest and Matching Jacket.

This is an example of an inexpensive suit I found online: We hear you, Sophia. We must say that the good stuff is definitely worth the investment. So grab a measuring tape and get to work on your boyfriend! I have a tan corduroy sport coat and I need to wear it to a meeting for work. I have all kinds of black pants is that ok? What about shirt and tie. This will depend on the dress code in your office.

If its business casual or even more lax, suit separates are a fine choice. Black and tan suit separates, however? Blue pants will also give you more range for shirt and tie combinations. Cordovan oxfords and belt. Just kidding, but moms are usually brutally honest.

Even more nice if you choose a tie that complements the suit. Thanks for the article! I was wondering if this would look alright if I were to wear them with black pants and black shoes. Also, what colour of tie should I wear with a white shirt?

The whole look becomes a muddled mix. The same is true for combining charcoal gray with black. As for what tie color to wear with a white shirt. Our recommendation is not to worry about the tie matching the shirt, but focus on matching you. Our rule of thumb is match your ties to your eyes. Look for ties with some blue in them. Doing this will help your clothes emphasize your best features, one of the keys to dressing well.

The answer, contrary to what many people think, is no. Light colored jackets and black pants create a really high contrast. We recommend lightening up those pants a shade or two to a gray and the contrast will be much improved.

I have lite grey slacks and a dark grey jacket with a dark blue shirt and a blue and grey tie does that work together. Will the outfit look good on you? Clothes matching each other is of minor importance. The main thing is how well do they match you?

Do they fit you well? Check out the articles in our Flawless Fit category to gain a better understanding of how your clothes should fit. Do the colors and contrasts work with your coloring and contrast? Going to a low key wedding. My girlfriend is wearing a burgundy dress.

Also need some suggestions on a tie. We highly recommend you wear a jacket either instead of or in addition to the vest, lest you be mistaken for a part of the catering staff.

That said, as we tell just about everyone who comments here, the idea is not to get your clothes to match each other, but to get them to match you. The best way to do that is to look at yourself in the mirror first, then find the clothes that work with you.

A more rotund gentleman, on the other hand, might do better with a low-contrast combo like the gray pants. We want to arm you with the information to dress from the inside out. I have a choice of two combinations for a wedding this weekend. Thinking of mixing a grey blazer with dark purple pants and a white dress shirt.

Any recommendations on tie color? Second choice is a anchor blue suit with a floral print dress shirt which also happens to be dark blue with sky blue flowers a lot of blue thinking of off setting this with a maroon knit tie. Is this an acceptable combo? We realize the event may have already passed. While the Compass is not an on-demand tie matching service, we do try to answer comments with helpful advice promptly. Your best bet, though is to contact a Black Lapel stylist directly at concierge blacklapel.

Our stylists primarily help customers customize their Black Lapel clothes, but are always on hand to answer style questions, so we encourage you to take advantage. Our general rule of thumb is to make sure the tie is darker than the shirt. When surrounded by neutrals, match your ties to your eyes.

Got blue eyes, reach for a blue tie. Light green tie it is. Soon I will be attending my prom, I currently have a tailored Cambridge grey suit which I am thinking about wearing a white shirt and a navy tie. I was thinking about wearing a contrasted vest with it to stand out a little with the suit since it is not an extreme formal dress code. I was thinking about wearing either a charcoal, light navy or black vest. What would be the best combination?

If it helps I am 5ft 8 and have caramel skin. The answer to your question is more about your personal preferences than anything else. All of the vest options you mentioned should work. I have some black pin dot suit pants that do fit. Now reading through some of the comments I have come to know your position on dark blue jackets with black pants to be sloppy, muddled, etc. However despite your recommendation against such a pairing of darks I was wondering if it still would somehow be a viable option if I were to wear either a lavender or periwinkle shirt which I have that I believe could help to add contrast to the overall outfit.

If you think that this could work I'm betting not but just going out on a limb then I would also like your opinion on a tie because I have lots of them. Thanks in advance for your advice. What are thoughts on a tan coat with very faint blue strips, white shirt, silver tie, and black pants? Sorry the description is a little basic.

We appreciate you coming to us before suiting up, Greg. Hopefully we can teach you a thing or two and steer you in the right direction. Black is too strong of a color contrast against your tan blazer, shirt, and tie combination. Light and dark suit separates can work in classic color combinations like gray and blue, gray and black, blue and brown, the list goes on… The outfit you describe could work if you base it off the classic blue and brown combo. Your jacket is tan a light shade of brown and incorporates blue already.

A lighter shade of blue pants will work too. Got a wedding at the weekend. You could rock a skinny, medium to dark or heather gray tie as an alternative, but the black tie you mention is going to make your outfit look the most cohesive.

What are your thoughts on a grey double breasted blazer black turtleneck black pants combo for a wedding? We like the idea of the outfit, John. However, does the wedding have a dress code? This is an important question to ask yourself when suiting up for any special event. We suggest you read up on what wedding dress codes really mean and then reassess your outfit. Hi I have a wedding to go to in Maine. But we can tell you that neutral items like navy blue pants and a white shirt leave you with a lot of options.

My husband and I are attending two weddings in October one on the 1st and another on the 16th. Is it too late to wear an ecru colored blazer? That depends on the location of the weddings, Becky. Hi we are going to a Gatsby themed wedding on Saturday. My husband is going to wear a cream linen suit and I am thinking a blue shirt with gold tie with pocket square just picking out a bit of gold and a waistcoat a darker shade than the suit. My question is does he have to have a linen waistcoat or will another material by ok?

What a great wedding theme and this outfit sounds spot on to Gatsby. A waistcoat in a linen, cotton, or wool blend will still work with the suit. And if there was one fabric we would urge you to avoid, it would just be silk. Enjoy the wedding and remember, a little party never killed nobody.

I am getting married in October in Australia, so the start of Spring by the beach. I am looking to have a suit or separates that show a more informal approach. With this in mind i have decided and you can tell me its a terrible idea to have light blue and navy as my colour choices. Not sure which as pant and which as jacket. You mean kind of like this combination of jacket and pants , David? Want to get a look like this? Hit us up at concierge blacklapel. Would it be that bad to match with black suit pants?

What are you supposed to do? Well at Black Lapel, we specialize in making garments completely custom from the fit down to all the bells and whistles.

Feel free to send an email over to concierge blacklapel. It is a light gray suit for a outdoor wedding. His shoes and belt will be brown. Wearing a non-matching vest is a stylish move that not enough guys do. We call it the 3-Piece Remix and we devoted a whole article to it this past winter. Of course, since that article came out in the winter it featured heavier fabrics.

Hi Black Lapel, i bought a navy pin stripe suit. I gave the jacket to my tailor for refitting and he ruined the jacket. Now i have the trousers.

Can yoy please tell me the best combination of jacket thaf goes with blue stripe trousers. Ah, Sanee, perhaps you pulled the trigger too quickly on the comments. Sorry, but there may not be any salvaging this suit. A word to the wise: I am not very interested in wearing the matching pants and would rather get a new pair of pants to go with the jacket.

Do you have any suggestion on the color of pants that would go with the jacket? I am thinking a dark blue but would love to see an example of a blue that would work. Also am wondering what color tie I should wear.

I have a skinny black tie available. Gray is a neutral, so it works with a lot of colors. Navy blue and gray have been paired for hundreds of years with great outcomes, so navy blue pants like these and a gray jacket would definitely work.

My husband loves a cream colored suit with navy stripes. He is tall and thin. Would this be appropriate for an October wedding? He is the father of the groom. What color shirt, belt and shoes. The suit is cotton. A light colored cotton suit may not be the best bet for an October wedding. Maybe if the wedding is in, say, Miami, but not if the wedding is anywhere further north where fall will be in full swing by October.

Pinstripes are either businesslike and serious or, like this one might be, throwback-style attention getters. Instead, we would recommend a more fall-appropriate suit in either a darker, autumn inspired color like this Charcoal Brown Custom Suit with Blue Overcheck or, if the weather is really warm, this Tobacco Brown Linen Blend Custom Suit.

Hi, we have an autumn wedding coming up. My husband will be wearing a golden beige suit and I am thinking of putting my two boys in charcoal grey. Will they look good next to each other?

How about Charcoal Blue instead? Blue and beige go together better than beige and gray, and this light charcoal blue color still has slight hues of gray in it. Thank you for the insightful article. I have one more question for you, would be really obliged if you could help with it.

I have to attend a wedding this weekend and was thinking of pairing my royal blue jacket with black trousers and a white shirt probably a black tie as well Do you think this is a good combination? Also note, that the fabric of both the jacket and trousers is nearly the same, should that be a problem?

Hi Raza, happy to be of service here. That being said, royal blue and black can still work as a color combo. If the color contrast is similar to or great than the contrast in the outfit in that link, than yes, you have a good suit separates combination.

Also, we approve of adding a white shirt with a black tie to the outfit. Hey, thanks for the article… came across it on a google search.

White, baby blue, or either? Hey JP, we like your outfit idea here. We think a white tee is the best choice and will look cool with your blue sneakers. Stumbled upon this site and have enjoyed the good advice. I generally like lighter shirts and dark, thinner ties but am open to suggestions. If it helps I have brown hair, light skin and an athletic frame. Check it out for which shirt to start your combination with. Certainly, although this sounds like a formal dinnertime outfit.

Always make sure the occasion is right. Sure you can wear it. That depends on a lot of factors. What jacket will you wear over it?

What kind of shirt will you wear? Where will you be wearing it? But the most important factor is how does it look on you. We get a lot of questions here at The Compass asking about what clothes go with what other clothes and we always give the same answer: Is it then ok?

Brighter, more saturated colors can be jarringly when paired with black so the solution is not to change the pants, but change the jacket. Having some trouble picturing those pants but, as you can see here , navy pants work with a wide variety of jackets. If my groomsmen are wearing black suits and black ties, is it ok if i wear a dark navy blue suit with the black lapels and black bow tie? I like the look more than the black suit with black lapel but is it bad to not wear the same suit color as my groomsmen?

The blue will have black in it atleast, is that enough? Wearing a different suit than your groomsmen is perfectly acceptable. We say go for it, Zaman. Hello I have a wedding coming up I wanted to look smart casual and stand out of the crowd I was thinking of wearing khaki pants preferably light brown please let me know how I can match it colour of blazer shirt and shoes I am light skinned a bit brown. How about a Light Blue Blazer? This one is also a linen blend fabric to keep you cool at that wedding.

If you decide to go with a patterned blazer, try to make sure the background fabric is light in color. To keep the smart in your look, we recommend a crisp white dress shirt and dark brown loafers.

Leather shoes are optional and, in fact, suede may be a better choice for summer. But as we noted above, the name of the game when it comes to clothing pairings is contrast.

Black and dark gray have almost no contrast and make for a pretty dull combination. Can a non-pattern black suit jacket work, with a white dress shirt, a neutral solid colored tie, and gray dress slacks work for a job interview? My boyfriend and I are attending a wedding in August. The wedding is at 1: So the question is what to wear to a summer wedding? In reality, black is the most limiting suit color you can get. As for what color your beau should wear, that has more to do with what he looks like than anything else.

A simple rule of thumb is to pair your jacket with your hair. Guys with lighter hair should wear suits that are a shade or two lighter. A suit should last him many years, after all.

Would wearing a blue pants and grey vest together with a red tie be advisable? Or would it be too much of a mismatch?

How about a maroon tie instead? Wearing black blazer with stripes and same color pant without stripes is good or not at all accepted. While there are tons of ways to break up and combine suit separates, you can rule pinstripes out of that bunch. I have a black pin stripe tuxedo, but the pants disappeared. I like the jacket — could I pair them with black tux pants with silk stripe and not look like I lost the matching pants? Hi, I have a wedding on Saturday and am in need of some advice.

I have a pair of navy pants and was wondering what color vests and shirts would be appropriate? I have a grey one that still fits ok. Also if the grey vest goes with navy pants, what color shirt should I go with?

I can purchase a new one in time so any suggestion would be fine. Thank you for the help in advance, Matt. It looks like we might not have gotten to your issue in time—we hope the wedding was still a blast. A gray vest certainly goes with navy pants, and the best shirt option here is just your classic white dress shirt.

While Black Lapel makes custom fit, made-to-measure dress shirts perfect for your new weight! Would black chinos with a charcoal blazer look odd? This actually sounds like a really good combination. A tie in a lighter-than-charcoal gray or burgundy will look good here too.

Hi My son has got his deep plum tuxedo blazer and matching trousers. The satin lapel collar is navy. Can he wear a navy waistcoat as i am unable to find a deep plum waistcoat that perfectly matches. A contrasting waistcoat with a tuxedo can work. Our recommendation, skip the waistcoat and go with a cummerbund instead. Classic and classy, a black cummerbund and black bow tie always work.

Hi Black Lapel, first time on the site, but I love it already. Just bought a pair of navy cotton pants with lighter navy polka dots, wondering what would be a great blazer combination to pair this with for smart casual events. My other question was about mixing materials, I have a great pair of dark maroon cotton pants, and was wondering if wearing tweed or silk with that is a no-no or if it could be pulled off.

We think the light colored blazer is a good option for the first outfit you mention. Navy and light gray is a classic, smart-casual color combination. The polka dots sounds like they will add some sprez to the outfit too. To answer your second question, mixing materials can definitely be pulled off. A lot of times, we actually encourage it. A tweed jacket will pair well with your cotton pants, but tread a little more carefully with silk.

Perhaps a silk blended jacket is a better option for your cotton pants. Hope this was helpful! I have a wedding in Santorini mid Sep. Well, since Black Lapel is a brand made up of over 40 people, we rarely have one opinion on anything. The closest we get to a unanimous opinion, though, is what we said in the second paragraph of this article: Breaking up the lines, by wearing just the pants or just the jacket, makes your whole outfit look incomplete, like you half-assed the outfit.

Our son is getting ready to go off to college and will need a suit maybe two. I am thinking Navy Blue and the other grey. My thought is he could mix them to get more variety, your thoughts?

First off, congratulations on successfully preparing a young man for college and kudos to you for getting him off on the right foot with some suits. Your idea about starting off with a navy blue suit is a good one.

Lighten up the gray and you give life to the whole outfit, as you can see in this navy blue jacket photographed with light gray pants. So we suggest a light gray suit or medium gray, like this Cool Gray suit as a second suit. What color choices for the suit jacket would work best with the outfit I have? We recommend sticking with gray for the jacket. Just be sure the gray is a different shade than the pants. Then you would end up with an outfit like this.

No, but it sure does bring the whole look together. We are attending a wedding in June and my 12yr old wants to wear a suit. I found a lovely grey waistcoat and pants but the jacket we have is slightly different colour — is this a definite no-no. First of all, kudos to the young man for expressing an interest in dressing well at an early age. As for the non-matching waistcoat.

It depends on how different it is from the suit. As you can see in our article on How to Wear a Vest the Modern Way , we are proponents of what we call the three-piece remix. A friend of mine took my measurements o. It was a gamble but the jacket is a perfect fit. The pants bieber will never fit me. I have tried to find a fabric that matches but the blue is just a bit lighter than traditional navy blues.

I will eventually have to go to a local suit maker and try to get a very close matching fabric. In the meantime i would like to wear my lovely dark blue jacket but with what? I am going to a wedding in laur autumn in tropical qld but still want to sout up.

Would a lighter grey pair of pants go with a darker blue and a brown shoe? I am a larger size man but like to own my look at formal type events. Light gray pants with a blue jacket is a classic color combination.

As you can see here and here and here and here , we like this combination and go back to it again and again. So we say go forth with gray! Black suit pants with a dark navy blue jacket. I say no, dad says yes. Fashion or faux pas? Black pants and a navy blue jacket are just too close together. The resulting mishmash of dark on dark will look sloppy, like you mistakenly confused two suits. Black and dark blue can get along, but the black has to be an accent, like black shoes with a navy blue suit or black lapels on a midnight blue tuxedo.

I need help please! My husband has a basic black suit wool. He can no longer wear the pants. I replaced them 2 yrs ago with a pr of polyseter pants.

He now needs to replace them. Is it ok to mix the two materials? I have no idea and neither does he really. Although wool can work as an all seasonal fabric, it can be put off-balance when you pair it with a lesser fabric polyester. What about upgrading to a basic dark gray wool suit? Your husband could even still hold onto his black wool jacket and wear it with these gray pants for a less formal, suit separates outfit. Hey Black Lapel I have a job interview for an office position, and I had two outfits I was thinking about that I was wondering if I could get some tips on.

What kind of job are you seeking? Is there a dress code at the office? What stage are you in careerwise? And perhaps most importantly, what do you look like?

Our first bit of advice is to be careful wearing separates to a job interview. We always suggest erring on the side of formal for a job interview.

What does that mean? We highly recommend wearing one of those or something like them. As for the outfits, they sound fine. The answer to that question is the key to style. Oh and one more thing…depending on where you live, it might be starting to warm up already. In that case, we recommend you check out our Hot Weather Interview Tips before heading in to the first round. Hey I have my school prom coming up, I currently have a lightish grey checked jacket with a white shirt, would matching it up with black pants and shoes go well?

Thanks also stuck between a black tie along with it or a completely contrasting bowtie with braces. If the jacket has undertones of blue instead, dark navy pants will probably go along better. Your tie or bow tie dilemma can be up to you, but we like the idea of braces regardless.

No one will probably see them until your jacket comes off on the dance floor, which is great timing for that look. A black tie will look more formal. Maybe consult with your date?

Hi there, I have a wedding coming up and wanted to mix a white shirt, grey wool jacket, blue trousers, turned up to show a little ankle and brown brogues. My wife disagrees, am I about to commit fashion suicide??? Pant legs with no break are a stylish choice for many guys. Rolling up a pair of wool dress slacks is not recommended because the inside hem of your dress pants will show, revealing the stitching and breaking the clean line of your trousers.

Sorry to break it to you, Pete, but the Mrs. Hi I have a formal event to go to and I was wondering if a beige blazer would look odd with slim black chinos and cognac colored dress shoes.

Also if that is acceptable what color shirt and tie would you pair it with? Black chinos with a beige jacket and cognac dress shoes is a no-no, Neesh. Because black pants generally means black shoes for one. We say keep the jacket and the shoes, but go with dark blue or brown dress slacks. See how changing the pants changes everything?

My husband and I have a wedding to attend at the end of April in Brisbane. It still looks like its going to be damn hot. The invitation has no dress code but is a rather formal, classic black and white invite. My husband was going to wear a suit that we have had for years. Black, classic slim line cut. I was concerned he would look like the groom, an office worker or an undertaker. What can you team with a black slim cut jacket and look classy?

Buying a new suit is out of the question. That sounds like quite a bind, Carolyn. It sounds like your only option is gray pants. A pair of subtly patterned gray glen plaid pants will work.

If none of the above works then he might just have to bite the bullet and get a suit. If you do, you know where to look for a great one.

Nice site I wish I had found this site earlier pls I am thinking of combining a black suit with lilac blue pants and sky blue shirt with a pink tie for my project defence what do you think. But beware, a black suit jacket will kill this look. I am going to a very fancy restaurant. I want to mix and match my blazer with my dress pants. I wanted to wear my solid navy blazer with a white or black turtleneck and a very light solid grey pants?

Give me your best combo please. I have plent turtlenecks, blazers, and dress pants to choose from. We say stick with wool turtlenecks. Either go with a thin one made from Merino wool or a chunkier sweater but stick with wool either way.

As for other colors of turtlenecks to wear, the answer is it depends. Men who dress well match their clothes to themselves.

How to Choose Your Clothes: I love this website — thanks! I have a black, double breasted blazer with gold shiny, lion-monogrammed buttons. She wants me to try to match the blazer black with dress pants, which I highly doubt. What are my other options? We hate to be this guy , but your wife is on to something here. That being said, do you own any other full suits? A business formal suit is typically dark-colored with no bold patterns. I did find a pair of sharp black dress pants at the back of the closet that more than adequately did the job.

The light blue and brown suits did stand out however, for all the wrong reasons. Thanks for your help! Thanks for putting this together. This has been very helpful. I love to know what color pants solid or otherwise would you recommend with a solid beige suit jacket. And what do you think about the shirt? I plan to skip the tie. Beige is a neutral and can be worn with any color you like.

In the photos above we combined a tan jacket with gray glen plaid pants. That worked for the gentleman in the photos, who is also the one typing this reply Hi!

But what works for me may not work for you. If you learn anything from this website let it be that. Hey BlackLapel, I have a pair of navy wool slim fit flat front pants, and a jakcet that has the exact same navy shade, but also has a small black box pattern, i.

Can I wear these two together? Froma distance they would look pretty similar, but close up you would definitely see the difference. Sure, this is allowed. To play up the differences between the jacket and the pants be sure to wear a white shirt. Adding another color to this outfit would create contrast and take away from the subtle interplay between the jacket and pants. For a tie, stay with dark blue but add some texture difference with a knit tie.

To see how we tackled a similar outfit, check out the Persian Blue Herringbone Custom Unsuit combination that we put together. Thanks for the article. I do not have the matching trousers, however I was thinking about mixing it with a light blue gingham shirt and a solid tie. You can reference these suit separates to get an idea of what your jacket and these suggested pants would look like together, but we like the shirt and tie combo you mentioned better for spring. Hi Black Lapel Getting married in just ove 3 weeks Quite informal attire.

Have opted for a Douglas blue jacket and some blue leather shoes As yet have no trousers or shirt Any inspirational ideas Would need a regular shirt as am an older bloke Still want to look good on the day Do not want brown or camel trousers. Taking brown off the table leaves you with two main options: Choose a different shade of blue for the pants for a tonal outfit like we did here when we mixed a light blue jacket and dark blue pants. Go with another classic combo—blue and gray—as we did for this look.

In either case, a white shirt is your best move. With option one it will break up the blues and in option two it will allow you to wear any number of ties with ease. Of course, these are just broad strokes. Give it a read to dress with confidence every time. Hi Blacklapel Thanks for this wonderful tutorial. I have a dark charcoal suit jacket. I was wondering what are my pant and shirt options with it.

Thanks for the help. Any pant in a lighter shade of gray, any shade of blue, or black are an option. Recently, we gotten in the habit of only recommending dress shirts in two colors to complete your suit separate outfits and even your whole wardrobe.

Read what we have to say about that here. Thanks for the reply guys. A quick follow u question on it, what are my shoes options with a dark charcoal jacket and a light grey pant? Hi Blacklapel, we are attending a formal wedding this April. Is it ok to match a charcoal suit with black pants and black shirt? Tie should be grey? Any other suggestion how to match the charcoal suit? Black and charcoal are both very dark and lack color. The resulting combination just ends up looking muddy.

Solid black and solid charcoal will kind of just melt together. Instead, we suggest wearing the entire charcoal suit jacket and pants. It is, as you said, a formal wedding so the full suit will keep the look appropriately formal, while mixing things up would make for a more casual look.

Flat-front pants are the way to go so you don't look 10 pounds heavier. Wearing pants that are too long. Mind the break -- the break, that is, in the fabric that occurs when the bottom of your pants skim the tops of your shoes, creating a horizontal crease a "break" in the fabric. Pants with no break mean they're so short they fall right above the shoe and flash some sock. This is trendy, but perhaps too risky for many guys. Most men should aim for a medium break -- not too rumpled or baggy, but not too short around the ankles.

Wearing pants with cuffs. Not only are they untrendy at the moment, cuffs visually shorten the leg, a death sentence for the petite dudes out there. For everyone else, cuffs also tend to flop around more.

And no woman likes a guy whose pants flop around the ankles. Choosing shirts that are too big. There will be some gym rats with bulging muscles whose shirts are too tight. But generally, men have the problem of buying them too big.

When it come to the collar, follow the one-finger rule if you can fit more than one finger between the collar and your neck, it's too big. For the torso, just purchase a slim-cut shirt, for the love of God. If it's billowing out or bunching at the sides when you tuck it in, it's simply too big.

Thinking pinstripes are the only acceptable suit print -- and actually wearing them. Suits come in more print options than just pinstripes, from glen plaid to windowpane check.

Adventure out into subtle prints, always neutrals on neutrals You may have gotten a spiffy black suit for your Bar Mitzvah, and you may have seen your father rock a black suit to the office. But black should generally be reserved for funerals and weddings -- for daytime wear, stick with a classic navy or charcoal gray suit, paired with shoes in brown hues.

There are almost no color shirts that don't match navy or gray. Going bold with French cuffs But when they're too big at the wrist or, God forbid, exceed the size of the suit sleeves they're under , they'll flop around conspicuously.

Best to just steer clear entirely. Letting your tie peek out from under the sides and back of your collar. Either your collar is too small or your tie is too big. Either way, make sure this never happens. Focusing on flash over substance. Tie clips, pocket squares, French cuffs -- these are privileges that are earned, not simply given. You've got to master the basics first, which means a solid-fitting suit and a shirt to match in a foolproof color combo. As the saying goes, "Learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist.

Blazer Color 1: Navy Windowpane And White Pant

A suit jacket is just a dinner jacket with the corresponding pants in the same fabric. So a black jacket matches well with grey pants. Just make sure the pants aren't so dark grey that it looks like you're trying to fake a suit. The navy pants feel like wanna be black pants and the grey pants seem too noncommittal. Tan or khaki on the other hand is my go to for pants. I just want more variety. So, it’s very important to team up your black suit jacket with an ideal coloured pants to get the perfect look. These are some colours that I would recommend to try on with a black suit jacket: o Grey: This is quite an easy choice and a safe option.